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Suite Path is an integrated consulting practice specializing in effective career and workplace solutions.
We combine strategic consulting with innovative solutions to deliver best in class service to professionals and organizations.




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Suite Path is a unique provider of business solutions, custom resume and up-to-date job application tools. Our team has expert, professional consultants with over 10 years of experience in the business. Our skilled staff undergo training to enrich their skills and exceed client expectations. They offer solutions for diverse careers/ fields and small to medium sized businesses. We are proud to house the best resume writers, editors, and career experts in the field.

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We’re business results led and client focused. We live our core values and we create meaningful and effective solutions that position our clients to achieve results. We will leave you self-sufficient with no long-term dependency on us … though we are humbled, appreciate our returning customers and hope you’d want to work with us again! Work with Suite Path and experience how we can be your solution to achieving success.

After almost 18 months on the job hunt, I decided to get a professional resume review. I explored several options, but the team at Suite Path showed genuine interest in championing for me and giving me the tools I need to succeed.

The consultation was thorough, all my questions were answered and I felt comfortable during the process. It also helped that I really didn't have to lift a finger! I received my resume promptly and 2 months later I am deciding between 2 job offers! Very happy with my decision to choose Suite Path.

Michelle D. | Columbus OH

Due to some of the recent changes in the economy my job did a severe sweep of layoffs. While I was not affected directly by losing my job at that time it was an eye opener that I was not in the position that I wanted to be in. I had a job that I would just “Get up and go to”, there was no excitement or at this point any real stability anymore. I decided that my first steps were to figure out what I wanted to do and get my resume a little TLC. Not knowing where to begin with my resume I was discouraged before I could even begin the job hunt, but a friend of mine told me about Suite Path and I am so glad that I made that decision. The process was swift and easy and it actually helped me to realize how much of an asset I am and what skills I possess to help market myself. Not only did Suite Path construct the perfect resume customized to me but the friendly and well-educated staff also assisted in the boost of confidence that I now have to go out there and get my dream job. Thank You Suite Path

Jessica W


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